[TN009]PANGEA Combustion Chamber
01. Ocean Bed
02. Arborescence
03. Turbidity Current
cover design by Helena Coll

photo on cover by ©John Villinski

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The three tracks includes in Combustion chamber are a dark and granulated improvised wall of sounds, plenty of submerge elements that give an emotional feel to the album, I use field recordings of underwater sounds, hard winds, death TV and radio channels… playing it as I use to do in my live acts, searching a natural mix between brain and heart.

Juan Antonio Nieto

PANGEA wants to mention a quote from David Lynch:

When you see an aging building or a rusted bridge, you are seeing nature and man working together. If you paint over a building, there is no more magic to that building. But if it is allowed to age, then man has built it and nature has added to it -- it's so organic.

David Lynch

about the photo on cover:

John Villinski is a self-directed photographer living in Tucson Arizona. He focuses in on the worlds we miss while passing through life. John's "Reclamation" series focuses on how nature creates beauty from the objects people discard. http://abstractsouthwest.com

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