[TN005]Electrofuzza Interferences
FLAC 16bit 48000Hz
01. Proximity
02. Expansion
03. Contraction
Noomi Osterling aka Electrofuzza
cover design by scmute

photo on cover by Tal Bright

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Noomi took piano studies from the age of six. Among her teachers were Swedish professor of piano Esther Bodin Karpe. At the age of eighteen Noomi decided to leave the music for studying sociology. After her candidate exam, she attended PhD studies in social anthropology at Gothenburg University. Circumstances made her take up music again,now in another context. She performed as a keyboard player in different rock, reggae and blues bands mainly locally but sometimes at stages around Sweden. She did some theater music performances as well and worked as a music teacher at schools and with teenage kids. Ten years later time was matured to do something else and Noomi took some schools in art and handicraft. 2005 she attended the master program Art and Technology at It- University, Chalmers Gothenburg. She is now working at her master thesis as a guest at C:Art:Media, Valand School of fine arts in Gothenburg. Her thesis deals with every day sound/noise in a social and artistic context. How do we perceive and interpret sound linguistically and how can sound/noise be applied in an artistic context? Her interest lies in the area of sound installations/Sound Art as well as the Electro acoustic/experimental sound scene.

About Interferences

These three tracks are the outcome of a 24-hour sound surveillance of my living room. The main issue has been to process or transform these every day sound artifacts, noise, into something else, another sound composition.

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