[TN040]Igor Dornelles I
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8 strings guitar: Igor Dornelles
Cover: Oriel Dornelles
Mastering: Igor Dornelles
Estúdio Musitek. December, 19th, 2015.
cover design by Helena Coll

photo on cover by Helena Coll

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In his career, released some cd's with his bands and others projects.

The Jokke - While flame burns (2009)
Bloody Violence- Obliterate (2014)
Bloody Violence- Divine Vermifuge (2015)
Diego Dias & Igor Dornelles- Aspecto (2015)
Máquina Overlock- Costura (2015)
Máquina Overlock- Obsolescencia programada (2015)

In this record, Igor performs a free improvisation with his 8 strings guitar, no effects, pedals or any other instrument. Just clean guitar e his mind, practicing 6 songs totally alive in studio.

The way how music is treated in industry it's the reason why Igor choose the names of album title and its tracks.

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