[TN004]electronoise group Barcelona
FLAC 16bit 48000Hz
01. Barcelona
02. Ich bin onkret poesie
03. Murderous Passions
04. Operations of communication
shotahirama: laptop, color bar generator, tape echo, tape loop
Toshitaka Ikeda: laptop, guitar, prepared guitar
shunji TAKAMI: laptop, short wave radio
kendrien: laptop
shimizu: laptop
cover design by scmute

photo on cover by Tal Bright

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Shotahirama is an electronoise artist whose doin' his experimental sound-concrete activities in Tokyo, Japan and Newyork, United states. With his progressive identity and free-improv construction, he used hi-tech electronics like laptop and somekind of softwear with sine-wave collage and mp3 material collage. And lo-tech, like color bar generator, tape-loop and tape-echo for this endless drone and a huge ambience. In early 2006, he found this 'ELECTRONOISE GROUP'.

Electronoise group is a free-session and free-expression with 10 or more unspecified electronoise artists. They stick to those electronics and the undifinite communications. Concrete our identity, just for the express, just for the ART. Drone till free. Free expressionism.

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