[TN036]Paulsen/Lunde Tableaux
01. Tableaux
Recorded by Alf Solbakken
Mastered by Jon S. Lunde
cover design by Helena

photo on cover by Helena

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on archive.org

In the right corner: incorruptible electroacoustic treatments and contact microphones connected to a single sound source with a special significance to its owner. In the left corner: vinyl samples, MPC 1000 and an array of laptop effects in chaotic harmony. Analog meets digital, old meets new, improvised meets planned and soft meets harsh as Terje Paulsen and Jon S. Lunde meet each other in this direct-from-mixer live recording made at Tableaux - a concert series curated and hosted by the duo themselves. Having previously played together in settings like the trio Dunlope Highflex and as a duo making music for silent movies, Paulsen and Lunde know each others sounds well, and in the union of these two worlds springs something altogether new. While Paulsen is an accomplished sound artist with a number of releases to his name, Lunde has mainly been focusing on his live performances the last years. In september 2012 the duo played a small stage in Kristiansand, Norway, and the result can now be heard on this release.

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