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Miquel Parera Jaques (Barcelona 1978)

After a time in free improvisation with conventional instruments, a job as producer was awakened interest in the sound as a matter work unrelated to the rhythm and harmony.

Since then he has worked with computers researching ways to control the sound generation process, so that the listener and the musician may participate in the aesthetic experience of the attention focus in one point and detached from cultural and egocentric judgments.

Contact: computer.music.neix@gmail.com
More info at: http://musicnumbers.wordpress.com


For these compositions, I have focused, in addition to minimize the time and events, in constraining the frequencies, so that the sound were rich in harmonics but concentrated in precise ranges.


All performances are livercode improvisations with SuperCollider (and some Puredata). Due to its semi-deterministic nature, the reinterpretation of the recording function as can give different results.

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