[TN023]Ponzoña temporary threshold shift
01. Toxic oil syndrome
02. White finger
03. Withdrawal
04. Black pond
05. Carpal tunnel syndrome
cover design by helena

photo on cover by Ponzoña

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Ponzoña is a improvisation and noise project conceived as an intense ritual between sound, body and mind. Rite of exploration and free flow in which words are forgotten, senses get alert, and consciousness dissolves; therapy. Vienese Actionism, post-industrial sound, the esthetic -aesthetic- error, are influential to this procedure that uses analog processors, metals, cassette tapes, folk instruments, prepared CD players, guitars, microphones, voices or anything that can be conceived as instrument. Devotion by sonic pressure, the anti-static, amorphous and sometimes concrete.

Jorge Vicario (Ponzoña) began its integration in music as a guitarist in math-core and crossover bands, where he met the possibility of bringing music structure and texture to the limit, and came into contact with an atmosphere of high sound levels,increasing tendency to improvise and musical rituals, experiments in the process of signals, noise, drone, free, ambient. Before this stage arise for various side projects of these expressions, alone and in duo. Under the name of "Ponzoña" is dedicated to free noisy improvisation, published several works on netlabels and co-directs one called "Brrr".

temporary threshold shift:

This release, sometimes electroacustic, sometimes heavy, but always noisy, is made with prepared CD and mp3 players and piezo mics as sound source and processed with analog effects. The six pieces are an insight into the different forms of noise; from concret sound to high pressure, from small electrical leads, up to huge walls of sound.

Recorded in early 2010
by Ponzoña (Jorge Vicario)

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