[TN021]scmute kofiq
01. kofiq
02. eora
03. zyo
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photo on cover by scmute

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scmute is the alter ego of Marcos Bernabé, trained as a software developer and self-taught as a sound artist influenced by contemporary musicians such as Pierre Schaeffer, Iannis Xenakis, John Cage or Curtis Roads. His current work is focused on the development of a software that breaks the sound in grains and reorder it by new sound organization model.

kofiq is a contemporary sound work between concrete music, microsounds and computer music. The first cut - kofiq - takes sounds from sources as diverse as prepared instruments or field recordings taken on the outside of Can Xalant creation center. An stochastic process takes fractions of such recordings and arrange it in series or clouds of sounds. The two cuts following - eora and zyo - take the first cut as raw material and using a completely independent process break it down into parts that are mixed to form a new work.

The names of the various cuts have been decided by a system that generates words by concatenation of random letters. The work has been produced in the Centre for Creation and Contemporary Thought Can Xalant from Mataró.

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