[TN016]Origami Boe omaoNOTOpetokion B
01. 006B1
02. 006B2
03. 006B3
04. 006B4
Recorded by Boe A22 lalacuatro, San Fernando, Gran Canaria, jan-may 2009. Listed as komkol 267.
cover design by helena

photo on cover by helena

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The second installment in the electro-acoustic part of Boe's worklog. Here Boe uses any kind of sound source to create detailed reductionist music, including proper instruments and his "acoustic laptops". The four pieces form abstract narratives - sometimes ultra-minimal, sometimes eruptive - freed from preset context, yet with an obvious debt to new music composers.

The first installment was released as a limited edition CDR (Like An Everflowing Stream, Germany 2008)


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