[TN014]Dallas Simpson For Whom The Bells Told
01. For Whom The Bells Told (Basildon Street Improv)
Binaural stereo optimized for headphone listening.
cover design by Simone di Turo

photo on cover by Simone di Turo

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Recorded on a Saturday evening in June 2007 at Basildon Town Centre, Essex, UK.

Featured is an extract from a longer work: "For Whom The Bells Told" In the vicinity of the Basildon Glass Bell Tower built as part of the Millenium Project.

This is an unreleased extract from a walkabout combining exploration with intuitive freeform improvisation using found objects and surfaces. Recorded using custom in-ear binaural techniques in one continuous single take with no rehearsal. All spatial choreography created live on location.

The finale of this extract was improvised on a number of metal bollards to the rear of the bell tower: http://www.flickr.com/photos/essexglover/866571644/in/set-72157600941264783/

Working freely in a public space the aim is to engage, explore, interrogate and excite the potentialities of sound from silent objects and surfaces in a state of perpetual sensory communion. The approach is to work unobtrusively with humility not attempting to make a 'public performance' or to attract the attention of other people in the area.

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