[TN013]Ayankoko Dreaxine
01. trafic scene
02. dreamcore digital
03. max ax
04. misty
05. ines
cover design by Simone di Turo & Luciano Pecoraro (axoblue)

photo on cover by Simone di Turo

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Working on others levels of subconsciousness with sound art, dreaxine, is like poison or addictive product. Using sound as medecine , like in the old traditional trance musical forms.

Ayankoko is french sound artist David Vilayleck's solo project. A formerly guitar player with various background influences as jazz, electro, traditional music turned himself into an electronica ambient noise artist since 2004. He released works through internet labels and use of creative commons license with hazardrecords, headphonica, dog-eared records, amp-recs, clinical archives, colin johnco records, and has performed extensively in Europe.

His music aims at developing structures and tensions in the contemporary sound art landscape. He currently resides between Morocco, where he studies and works with masters of traditional trance/sufi music and Berlin.

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