[TN012]V.A. tao
01. Alfonso_Carrasco - nature
02. Ambient Animal - ruidos de sable
03. Anton Mobin - Antre D'eux
04. Clemens Hausch - dark water
05. Criadero En Seres - tin le mur
06. D. Moratilla - Sign
07. David Fonseca - Líneas
08. iRa - Fred stares at blank wall
09. Gianmarco Caseli - Eroina Fluida Parte Prima
10. ENG - Funeral music for dadaism
11. Isoma Ieep - Bird'n'bass digital
12. IsraelM - Yumiko
13. Jacob Gotlib - Tower of Babel
14. Jazznoize - Audiotone
15. Jorge Ramirez - SPDVL
16. Marc Levinthal - Stuffed Audience
17. nanako - not for sale
18. noish - taociberPunk
19. Pangea - Life under our feets
20. scmute - TA2
21. Terje Paulsen - flyswansong
22. vegetal is - Wu Wei
23. Vertex Germ - Psylocybe Mazatecorum
24. vehscle - Because They Ask So Little of Life
25. NAD - ZrumDITH
26. Yannick Franck - coeur creole
27. Yuki Aida - north
28. Znshn - Winter Recordings
cover design by scmute

photo on cover by helena

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Simply put, Tao is a concept of the fundamental nature of the world, a world that is constantly fluid, continuing and changing rather than the static definition of a never changing reality. The Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tzu is the best literary depiction of the concept and remains one of the most significant spiritual works of all times. The tecnoNucleo net label has put together a 28 track and almost 3 hours long collection of musical interpretions of this seminal work. The tracks include a wide range of experimental electronic artists who uses various means including field recordings, sampling, electronic drones and more to complete their interpretations. Like the concept itself, there is no absolute and finite meaning to these works. The meaning is in the sound, creating an intuitive feeling and holistic environment rather than any intellectual definition. And in this way this anthology succeeds. This is a album that is meant to be felt rather than understood and in that sense, it becomes a highly spiritual experience.

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